Welcome to the downloads section. Here you will find many programs made by other people in many different catagories. To go to a catogory click on one of the links in the frame above or on one of the links below. If you would like your program added to this page use the submit form at the bottom of this page. Or email it to me.

How the rating system works (1:worst...6:best)
-Unbeleviable, jaw dropping. :)
-Mind blowing, must download!
-Above average, worth downloading.
-Just average nothing special.
-Below average programming.
-Poorly done, not worth downloading. :(

Section and # of Programs
Compilers7 Disk Stuff2
Games50 Graphics30
Input\Output7 Libraries5
Memory4 Modem3
Sound4 Tutorials3
Utilities3 Total: 118

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