Section and # of Programs
3d Stuff8 Demos10
Draw Programs1 Effects5
File Formats4 Screen Stuff2
Total: 30

3d Stuff:
3D Ship6kRich GeldreichA really cool 3D rotating ship.
3D Plasma Cube11kMatt BrossA 3d plasma mapped rotating cube.
Poly Pyramid7kRich GeldreichA 3d texture mapped rotating pyramid.
3d Robot4kJosh DickersonA very nice looking rotating virus looking robot.
Globe4kGlen JehA 3d spinning globe, looks like the Death Star.
3d Bouncing Text2kAndre DirkType in a sentence and watch it bounce and stretch on the screen.
3d Balls1kunknownMakes 3d looking spheres.
3d Starfield1kSkurKA very simple 3d starfield.

Graphics Demos:
Full Rotation Demo24kunknownRotates a skull and zooms in and out. Includes source in assembly and basic, awesome!
Fireworks5kLior ZurMakes cool fireworks in a variety of ways.
Monitor Madness5kDuct TapeSome good uses of vga palettes.
Voxel Terrain Maker5kunknownVery cool 3d land maker.
Tool Screensaver4kDan KennedyAwesome screensaver with a moving eyeball.
Random ArtMatthew MontgomerySome cool random art.
Waterfalls3kDomino ProductionsA little waterfall simulator.
Text Burner2kDan KennedyCool program that seems to "burn" text.
Smoke Bomb3kunknownCreates a smoke type explosion anywhere on the screen.
Halusin81kunknownA flashing pattern of circles.

Draw Programs:
Icon Maker/Editor4kClaude GagneMake and edit ICO files.

Special Effects:
Palette StuffUnkownSome GREAT stuff to do with PALETTE.
Smooth2kMatt BrossSmooths the screen, very cool.
Transparent1kunknownPuts text on top of each other and it looks see through, neato.
Melt1kWilliam YuMelts the contents of the screen.
Quake1kunknownCauses the screen to shake.

File Formats:
Gif Loader2kUnkownLoads GIFs into QBasic
Gif 2 Bsave3kUnkownConverts GIFs to bsave format, very handy.
Pcx Loader2kSteven SensarnsLoads PCXs to into QBasic.
Bmp Loader9kunknownLoads BMPs to into QBasic.

Screen Stuff:
Mode X6kUnkownA 320x240 screen 13 mode with 3 pages of memory and its own functions!
Screen 0 Graphic Commands33kJoel SaundersAllows graphic commands (like circles) and buffering in screen mode 0 (text mode).