Section and # of Programs
3d Games8 Action2
Fighting5 Puzzles6
RPGs8 Side Scrollers2
Shoot'em Ups6 Sports6
Strategy7 Total: 50

3d Games:
Ray Cast 225kWolfgang BruskeA 3d texture mapped ray caster, very fast in QB 4.5, very amazing.
Ray CastingunknownNice ray caster, a little slow.
Legend of Lith 2Matt ZuchowskiA great 3-d graphic rpg.
Legend of LithMatt ZuchowskiA 3-d RPG with 16 color graphics.
Bug!4kAndre' DirkA 3d board that you have to go around and change green blocks to yellow.
3d Pong4kKyle MahanMouse controlled 3d version of the old game pong.
3d Scroll2kunknownA game where you move a ball on a 3d maze.
3d TicTacToe6kReza BeheshtiA 3d version of the classic tic tac toe, what's interesting though is that you must get 4 in a row.

OozesRegis LocasWeird game.
Escape Sub5kChristian HaagLittle maze type game where you drive a little submarine around.

Ninja Fighter20kUnkownThis game is awesome. Good graphics.
SlashKevin ReemsA neat 3-d fighting game. Has zoom and everything.
Sphere Fighter14kMaverickGreat game & excellent graphics.
Slussen Fighters22kOtso KassinenA cool stick player game with LOTS of different character designs.
Imortal Kombat5kJohn DiamondA stick figure version of Mortal Kombat, pretty cool.

Wetspot 2643kAngelo MottolaExcellent follow up to the original. Great graphics, great sound, great gameplay, great everything!
Wetspot30kAngelo MottolaGreat puzzle game where you play a block pushing crab.
Germs10kWilliam YuDr Mario clone, very fun.
PacGuy11kJohn HessInteresting pac man type game.
QBMatrixTim TrumanAwesome qbasic tetris clone.
Nibbles7kMicrosoftNibbles, nothing much else to say, who hasn't played it? Nobody.

Dark Crown63kMatt ZuchowskiGood RPG with nice graphics.
The GameTsugumoThis rpg is pretty good.
Warriors of KhorColour2Nice RPG with VGA graphics and sound.
ZielJay CookCool Zelda type game
Of Will and Glory251kRoss TaylorA demo RPG with WAV's and limited mouse useage.
The Black Skull21kBen DackoOk graphics and good enemies.
The Last of the LegendsEric KoziolThis rpg needs some work, just a demo.
Elysian Fields68kFigA rather basic rpg with a good storyboard.

Spinball v2.6Eric CarrGREAT sonic clone with scrolling worlds.
Mario 2226kGilberto Lima CorreiaGREAT mario clone with interesting puzzles.

Shoot'em Ups:
Red Baron12kAdam StanchosCool shoot-em up with good graphics.
Droids6kAndre' DirkA space shooter where you shoot little slimes.
Space Dude3kLord JasoniusA really adictive shoot 'em up game with some neat effects.
Asteroids98kDanny BeardsleyGood asteroid clone with great grapics.
Astro Fire31kJim StrangeA lot like Space Invaders, a little slow.
BalloonX14kManny NajeraGood game but too simple and gets boring.

France 98 - World Cup Soccer368kPascoGreatest QBasic soccer game ever, excellent graphics and scrolling.
World Cup Soccer13kAlex MakrisA very good soccer clone for QBasic.
Minature Golf5kunknownFun little golf game, nicely made.
Extreme Velocity13kPaul CoteNeat racing game.
REJS8kRobert GavelinAnother racing game, reminds me of Extreme Velocity(above).
Skier1kChance SandersJust like Windows Ski Free.

KissworldMatt ZuchowskiNeat puzzle type game with GOOD graphics.
Lander10kDavid ZohrobTry to land a space probe, addictive.
Probe43kBrian HoganLike the game Lander.
Bomb It5kAndre' DirkA VERY adictive game like bomber man.
Gorilla9kMicrosoftGorilla, Microsofts good old balistic banana missile game.
Spectra3kMicroHofA good Gorillas type game.
Frogger11kMatt BrossA frogger clone in 16 colors.